Fashion Fabrics

Explore our expansive collection of fashion and apparel fabrics, catering to all your clothing needs. Whether you’re in search of materials for dresses, pants, or any other garments, our assortment includes an extensive range of options such as rayon, linen, bottom weights, silk, cotton, Challis, batiste, Melton, suiting, shirting, denim, chambray, jersey, ponte, eyelet, poplin, sweatshirt fleece, French Terry, ribbing, boiled wool, flannel, Wool, rayon, linen, jersey, denim, corduroy, gauze, flannel, outdoor apparel fabrics, and much more!

When you choose to shop here, it’s more than just purchasing quality materials. You’ll also have the benefit and the opportunity to connect with like-minded sewists who share your love for creating and being creative.

Shopping at Pacific Fabrics for apparel fabrics is a smart choice for several reasons:

  • Quality Materials: Pacific Fabrics offers a wide selection of high-quality fabrics suitable for various clothing items. You can trust that the materials you find here will meet your expectations.
  • Experienced Advice: our staff is experienced and knowledgeable who can guide you in choosing the right fabric for your project. They can offer insights on fabric properties, suitability for different garments, and care instructions.
  • Unique Selection: You’ll find a diverse range of fabrics, including unique and specialty options, allowing you to explore your creativity and find materials that stand out from mass-produced alternatives.
  • Supporting Creativity: By shopping with us, you are supporting a space where artistic expression and personal connections thrive. It’s not just about buying materials; it’s about joining a community of sewists who share your passion for creativity.
  • Special Orders: If you have specific design or fabric needs, Pacific Fabrics may offer options, making it easier to bring your unique vision to life!

Fashion Classes!

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