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Garment 211: Bomber Jacket

Cost: $ 115

The bomber jacket is an outerwear classic everyone can wear and enjoy. Originally designed to keep pilots warm in open air cockpits, they can be made in a wide spectrum of materials making them suitable for all seasons. Fabric choice will determine if the look is more utilitarian, glam, or sporty. Varsity jackets are variations of bombers with colorful details such as contrast sleeves, large patches, and embroidery. All these options give you the opportunity to create a personalized garment.

Garment 212: Saltwater Slip

Cost: $ 80

The Saltwater Slip is a simple slip dress with adjustable straps that can be layered or worn on its own. The pattern comes with two length options: above the knee, and tea length (with side slits). It also comes with optional side ties to add a bit of waist shaping. Wear this slip over a tee shirt, under a sheer dress, or on its own!

Stitch 101: Embroidery Basics

Cost: $ 55

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do embroidery? Maybe you?re someone like me who can't just sit still and needs to keep their hands busy. In this class you will learn some of the most popular stitches used in embroidery as you work on an adorable floral design. We will talk about the different kinds of supplies that are used and how you can also incorporate these decorative stitches into other projects to make them even more one of a kind. You will start your embroidery project in class and finish it up at your own pace on your own.

Knits 201B: Basic Tee

Cost: $ 80

Everyone needs a basic tee in their wardrobe and there?s nothing better when you?ve made it yourself to fit exactly how you like it. Unfortunately, knits have gotten a bad reputation for being difficult to work with or needing special equipment ? not true. We will go over how to make a t-shirt on the sewing machine, learning how to read and follow a pattern along the way. We will all cover sizing, adjusting the pattern if needed, plus tips and tricks to make working with knits easier. This class teaches similar skills as our Knits 201: Sweatshirt/Tee class however instead of a raglan sleeve, the patterns feature a traditional set in or drop sleeve and is meant specifically for T-shirt weight fabrics.

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