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Quilting 203: Applique Home with a Gnome

Cost: $ 80

Applique is a great way to add details to a quilt that otherwise would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to create with traditional piecing. This introduction will use the fusible web method of ironing your fabric layers in place before stitching them down. You will learn how to prepare and attach your appliques plus how working with appliques can change your order of construction. Originally created as a winter project, you can choose your own color theme to adapt this pattern for any season or occasion.

Sewing 202: Sewing with Silk

Cost: $ 65

Silk and other slinky fabrics feel amazing however can be frustrating to work with. We will go over how to handle these luxurious and tricky fabrics while making a silk pillowcase. Areas covered will include cutting, seam finishes and what pins and needles are best to use. During class we will also discuss additional techniques to give you a nice background of knowledge to tackle future projects.

Holiday 208: Christmas Stocking

Cost: $ 75

Stockings are a traditional part of Christmas that combines a decoration with a gift delivery system. They're a great way to welcome a new member to your family and one of the greener ways to wrap small gifts as they can be used year after year. We will go over the basics of quilting on the front to give your stocking more visual interest. Each Class is limited to six students- CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW

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