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Garment 201: PJ Pants

Cost: $ 80

Are you ready to start making your own clothes? In this class you will learn how to read and follow a sewing pattern while making a pair of pajama pants. We will go over how to determine your size, simple adjustments, plus tips and tricks to make the process easier. If we?re feeling a bit extra, we might even add pockets!

Quilting 211: Paper Piecing I

Cost: $ 80

Paper piecing is an exciting method to get exact points and designs in quilting. This three hour class is designed to give the initial instruction and practice for paper piecing. Students will create sample geometric blocks that can be combined to make a pillow covering or the beginning of a larger quilt.

Stitch 102: Sashiko

Cost: $ 73

Sashiko is the Japanese art of visible mending and has been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally done with white thread on indigo fabric, it creates intricate and timeless designs using repetitive stitches. More modern interpretations include using colored thread and more contemporary designs. In class you will learn various techniques to create the design on the preprinted fabric and how to apply these skills to future projects.

Sewing 101: How to Use a Sewing Machine

Cost: $ 60

Welcome to the world of sewing! An in-depth class how to use a sewing machine and its various accessories. We will be making a few pillow covers to practice the basic sewing skills learned.

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