Henry Glass, Jacobean Joyeux - Cream Lattice - 239368
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Henry Glass, Jacobean Joyeux - Cream Lattice

Henry Glass, Jacobean Joyeux - Cream Lattice
Premium Quilting 100% Cotton


Item Description:
Experience the joy of the season with the latest Color Principle collection called “Jacobean Joyeux.” These 12 fabrics are created in a rich palette will help you decorate with Jacobean holiday flair. The sky is the limit for the number of projects you will be able to create with these unique fabrics. Decorate the whole house for the holiday Free projects will show you how. These fabrics are designed with project versatility in mind. A great example is the Jacobean panel which is easy to quickly border and finished for a wall hanging, table runner, or banner quilt. Check out the border stripe which is fantastic for bordering in various ways.

Care Instructions: Increase the longevity of your fabrics by hand washing, or on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using a fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergent. Dry your fabric on a low/medium cycle or line-dry.
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