Andover, Scandi 2022 - Scandi Panel Grey - 242563
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Andover, Scandi 2022 - Scandi Panel Grey

Andover Fabrics, Scandi 2022 - Scandi Panel Grey

Premium Quilting 100% Cotton
Designer: Makower UK

44" x 24" panel

Item Description:
The popular Christmas Scandi collection is back for 2022, with new designs and panels. Gold detailing on red and silver detailing on grey prints, gives these fabrics some extra sparkle!

Care Instructions: Increase the longevity of your fabrics by hand washing, or on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using a fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergent. Dry your fabric on a low/medium cycle or line-dry.
Ready to ship within 3-5 days


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