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8/16/19 Meet Our Teachers: Monir Zandghoreishi

As a young girl, Monir Zandghoreishi began designing and sewing clothing for her dolls. Today, Monir is known in the Seattle area as a highly respected couture designer and teacher. She has a degree in Art & Fashion and has received couture training in several European countries.

She began her career in Iran and Vienna, Austria, and since moving to Seattle in 1987, she has been featured in Seattle Bride Magazine, Bridal Connection Magazine, Vogue, and a fashion show on KOMO TV’s North­west Afternoon Magazine show.

Monir prides herself in designing and making one-of-a-kind gowns. She loves to teach students how to go beyond paper patterns and create garments that can fit the modern woman.

Upcoming Fall classes taught by Monir at Pacific Fabrics are:

  • Sew a Summer Skirt
  • Bodice Making
  • Alterations
  • Pattern Fitting
  • Couture Garment Sewing

 (Official dates coming soon)

Last week we sat with Monir to learn about her passion for sewing and teaching, and to find out where she gets her inspiration:

Who are some of your favorite designers?

“I love the classics; Dior, Chanel, (vintage) Versace.”

Which is the most fun class you teach?

“All of them! They all come natural to me. I feel that my courses are all interconnected so that one skill you learn from a class can be used and built upon in the next.”

What is the most important skill a sewist should learn?

“Number one would be organization. You need to have your tools, space, and plans ready before starting a project.

Number two would be knowing how to operate a sewing machine.”

What items do you like to sew for yourself?

“Evening wear. I like to make one-of-a-kind dresses for myself for a special event, or to spruce up an existing outfit with handmade accessories.”

Do you have hobbies outside of sewing?

“I read a lot. I love current events and history books.”

What has been the toughest skill you've mastered?

“The toughest skill I’ve had to learn, and least favorite, is working with leather. I don’t particularly like the smell and leather is very unforgiving. One mistake and you must start all over!”

What is the best tool to have in your kit?

“Sharp scissors! (And making sure you have scissors for different types of fabric, not just paper vs. fabric. Scissors used for cutting silk should be separate for ones used for cutting polyester.)”


Teacher Favs:

Color(s): Pink

Textile: Polyester, it is so versatile

Season: All seasons have beauty, but spring might be my favorite. I think of it as a fresh transformation from the cold winter.