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We understand the importance of honing your sewing skills and gaining confidence in your craft.That's why we offer a range of classes tailored to different skill levels and interests. From garment construction and quilting to embroidery and home decor projects,our classes cover a wide spectrum of sewing disciplines.

Join us at Pacific Fabrics, and discover the joy of sewing in a welcoming and inspiring environment. Unleash your creativity,expand your skills, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Enroll in our skillful sewing classes today and embark on a journey of artistic expression and personal growth!

Current Classes at Pacific Fabrics

Garment 214: Aprons

Aprons come in many styles and have a multitude of uses. They are extremely helpful garments that can keep your clothes clean, carry supplies for an activity or act as a fashion choice. The Pacific Fabrics staff has compiled a list of their favorites for all skill levels. Fabric choice will determine if this is a year-round, activity specific or holiday apron.

Garment 203: Dresses with Pockets

?Guess what? It has pockets!? The best dresses always have pockets and these three all have clever front inseam pockets. Tunic and top versions are also an option. In class we will go over different ways of finishing seam allowances, bias binding vs. facings and what works best depending on your fabric choice and skill level regardless of what the pattern includes.

Garment 204: Pietra Pants & Shorts

The Pietra Pants & Shorts are the best of both worlds; a flat front, high-waisted silhouette with the comfort of an elastic waist in the back. Featuring lengthening panels in the front with slanted hip pockets and a hidden waist stay, they are so comfortable you?ll never want to take them off. Choose between four leg styles: a wide leg in floor-skimming or cropped length, a slim and tapered leg, or gently flared shorts. Fit is always important, especially with pants, so we will start off the first day of class sewing a test version to try on and see if any adjustments are needed to the be made to the pattern to fit you better. Once we?re satisfied with the fit, we will start working on our final versions confident that when completed our pants (or shorts) will look amazing. Prerequisite: Sewing 201 or equivalent experience.

Dec 2
Garment 201: PJ Pants
Dec 5
Holiday 208: Christmas Stocking
Dec 6
Garment 222: Alterations