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We understand the importance of honing your sewing skills and gaining confidence in your craft.
That's why we offer a diverse range of classes tailored to different skill levels and interests. From garment construction
and quilting to embroidery and home decor projects, our classes cover a wide spectrum of sewing disciplines.

Join us at Pacific Fabrics, and discover the joy of sewing in a welcoming and inspiring environment. Unleash your creativity,
expand your skills, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Enroll in our skillful sewing classes today and embark on a
journeyof artistic expression and personal growth!

Current Classes at Pacific Fabrics

Yarn Tasting With Cascade Yarns!

Join us for a fun day with Cascade Yarns where you will be able to "taste" aka try out a variety of their yarns ranging in weight from sock to bulky. Shannon Dunbabin, Cascade Yarns owner, will be on hand to talk about fiber, twist, how their yarns are produced in addition to project ideas. There will be plenty of garment and accessories samples on display to help you see how the various yarns look when made up and figure out the perfect yarn and pattern pairings.

Knits 210: Beyond the Basics

Get ready to expand your knits knowledge beyond the basic tee or raglan sweatshirt. We will learn intermediate techniques such as hoods, pockets and necklines such as a ?V?, split or a faux wrap depending on your project. We will also go over color blocking (whether your project includes it or not) and how to ensure your stripes line up as much as possible.

Garment 214: Aprons

Aprons come in many styles and have a multitude of uses. They are extremely helpful garments that can keep your clothes clean, carry supplies for an activity or act as a fashion choice. The Pacific Fabrics staff has compiled a list of their favorites for all skill levels. Fabric choice will determine if this is a year-round, activity specific or holiday apron.

Jun 8
Sewing 201: Stowe Bag
Jun 10
Kids 106: Bucket Hats
Jun 13
Sewing 101: How to Use a Sewing Machine