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Current Classes at Pacific Fabrics

Stitch 101: Embroidery Basics

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do embroidery? Maybe you?re someone like me who can't just sit still and needs to keep their hands busy. In this class you will learn some of the most popular stitches used in embroidery as you work on an adorable floral design. We will talk about the different kinds of supplies that are used and how you can also incorporate these decorative stitches into other projects to make them even more one of a kind. You will start your embroidery project in class and finish it up at your own pace on your own.

Sewing 202: Sewing with Silk

Silk and other slinky fabrics feel amazing however can be frustrating to work with. We will go over how to handle these luxurious and tricky fabrics while making a silk pillowcase. Areas covered will include cutting, seam finishes and what pins and needles are best to use. During class we will also discuss additional techniques to give you a nice background of knowledge to tackle future projects.

Quilting 101: Basics

Have you ever been curious about quilting but didn't know where to start? Or been overwhelmed by the sheer number of fabrics, tools and pattern options? This class will take you through the entire process from cutting to binding as you make a throw sized quilt.

Feb 4
Quilting 101: Basics
Feb 7
Garment 201: PJ Pants
Feb 8
Quilting 211: Paper Piecing I