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We understand the importance of honing your sewing skills and gaining confidence in your craft.That's why we offer a range of classes tailored to different skill levels and interests. From garment construction and quilting to embroidery and home decor projects,our classes cover a wide spectrum of sewing disciplines.

Join us at Pacific Fabrics, and discover the joy of sewing in a welcoming and inspiring environment. Unleash your creativity,expand your skills, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Enroll in our skillful sewing classes today and embark on a journey of artistic expression and personal growth!

Current Classes at Pacific Fabrics

Quilting 202: Free Motion Quilting

Are you curious about Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) but unsure where to start? This class will help you gain the confidence to drop your feed dogs and let your creativity flow. You will learn several different styles of free motion quilting ranging from the meander to using templates to create unique shapes like stars or teddy bears.

Knits 201B: Basic Tee

Everyone needs a basic tee in their wardrobe and there?s nothing better when you?ve made it yourself to fit exactly how you like it. Unfortunately, knits have gotten a bad reputation for being difficult to work with or needing special equipment ? not true. We will go over how to make a t-shirt on the sewing machine, learning how to read and follow a pattern along the way. We will all cover sizing, adjusting the pattern if needed, plus tips and tricks to make working with knits easier. This class teaches similar skills as our Knits 201: Sweatshirt/Tee class however instead of a raglan sleeve, the patterns feature a traditional set in or drop sleeve and is meant specifically for T-shirt weight fabrics.

Sewing 200: Open Sew

Are you working on a project only to find yourself struggling and thinking there must be an easier way? Maybe you want some reassurance that you?re headed in the right direction. (We?ve all been there.) We will have an experienced teacher available to answer your questions and demonstrate what you need to do to successfully complete your project. Plus you can use our Bernina sewing machines, huge cutting table and basic sewing supplies. Prerequisite: Sewing 101 or equivalent experience.

Sep 30
Home Dec 101: Dining Chairs
Oct 4
Quilting 204: Curves
Oct 7
Stitch 102: Sashiko