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We're a locally owned family retail store that specializes in quality products, great selection and personalized, skilled service. With roots that date back to 1917, we've had lots of experience helping our community of customers find just what they need. Whether you're visiting our Seattle store or shopping our website across the miles, we're glad you're here!

Our Story

In 1917, Jules Glant founded Pacific Iron & Metal in South Seattle, where his humble beginnings collecting scrap metal and rags with a horse and wagon evolved into what is today one of Western Washington’s largest recycling operations.

Pacific Iron & Metal Building

Pacific Fabrics evolved out of the company’s processing of scrap rags. Old discarded fabric items, surplus fabrics and trimmings from area manufacturers were sold at the company’s loft on 4th Avenue South in downtown Seattle to thrifty women who used them to make quilts, blankets, home furnishings and garments for their families. Throughout the Second World War, the company’s rag business thrived.

Old Pacific Fabrics Warehouse Store 

In the post-war years, factors such as government legislation, the labeling act and the advent of synthetic fibers created the need for a transition in the rag business, so the company began to purchase fabrics in bulk from mills, factories and suppliers making these new fabrics available at the same reasonable prices customers had come to expect for the rags. The company expanded their retail outlets to Seattle neighborhoods and suburbs opening the doors with the same no-frills concept: fabric remnants displayed on long tables that customers eagerly sorted through for their own special purpose. We still offer flat fold bargains in quilting, garment and home decor fabric. We also offer the largest selection of the finest quality wool, formal wear fabrics suitable for bridal, rayon, cotton and more from leading mills and design houses. Savvy textile shoppers know that Pacific Fabrics is the place to find high quality and value.

In the 1950s, the company spun-off an entirely new company from Pacific Iron & Metal to take care of this growing business, calling it Pacific Iron’s Fabric World, which would eventually evolve into what we are known as today, Pacific Fabrics.

Our customers, whom we consider our family, have long trusted our reputation for outstanding service, exciting and forward-thinking products and an unbeatable selection that sets us apart from national chain stores. We're also known for our dedication to the advancement of sewing and textile arts through our classes and programs and our support of local events designed for sewists, quilters, knitters and other crafty people.

 We are committed to the values that you have come to know us by. Personal service is a point of pride and purpose for us and our goal is to provide exceptional value, quality and help to you no matter where you live. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you better, too!



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