At Pacific Fabrics, we passionately believe in the power of creativity and self-expression, Seattle's premier fabric destination since 1917, Jules Glant laid the foundation For Pacific Fabrics,,Pacific Fabrics emerged as an offshoot of Pacific Iron & Meta
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Our Story


In South Seattle, back in 1917, Jules Glant laid the foundation of Pacific Iron & Metal. Beginning with a horse and wagon,
he embarked on collecting scrap metal and rags. Through his unwavering dedication, his humble efforts
blossomed into one of Western Washington's largest recycling operations.

Pacific Iron & Metal Building

Pacific Fabrics emerged as an offshoot of Pacific Iron & Metal, thanks to the processing of scrap rags. At their loft on
4th Avenue South in downtown Seattle, the company sold discarded fabric items, surplus fabrics, and trimmings from local manufacturers.Thrifty women eagerly purchased these treasures to create quilts, blankets, home furnishings, and
garments for their families. During the Second World War, the rag business thrived.

Old Pacific Fabrics Warehouse Store 

Following the conclusion of World War II, changes were on the horizon for the rag business. Government legislation and the rise of synthetic fibers necessitated a shift in strategy. To adapt, the company began procuring fabrics in bulk from mills, factories, and suppliers. Expanding our retail presence to Seattle neighborhoods and suburbs,we upheld our no-frills approach, displaying
fabric remnants on long tables for customers to explore. Today, Pacific Fabrics remains a haven for quilting, garment, and
home decor fabrics! We proudly stock the largest selection of top-quality textiles,including wool, bridal  and special
occasion fabrics, rayon, cotton, and more from leading mills and design houses.
Those in the know recognize Pacific Fabrics as the ultimate destination for outstanding fabrics at exceptional value.


To better manage the flourishing fabric business, Pacific Iron & Metal established a separate entity in the 1950s called
Pacific Iron's Fabric World. Over time, this enterprise evolved into the beloved Pacific Fabrics we now know and have come to trust!



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