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Current Classes at Pacific Fabrics

Garment 301: Ilford Jacket

The Ilford Jacket is a versatile style with a modular design that makes for a pattern that is simple, yet impactful. It can be customized a million different ways and really is a "choose your own adventure" type of pattern that incorporates your design sense into the project! It features drop shoulders and comes with two sleeve options: a placketed sleeve with cuff, and an easy to sew boxy sleeve for a more relaxed vibe. It also includes two lengths as well as a bunch of pocket templates that you can mix and match! The possibilities are endless! You can wear the Ilford as a jacket or shirt depending on the fabric you use. This is a fun, skill building pattern that you will want to make/wear again and again! This pattern is for everyone and looks great on all genders! In class we will go over patch pocket placement and tips to ensure they evenly placed. We will also go in depth on how to sew a collar, sleeve plackets and cuffs. These details may seem fiddley and intimidating, but if you take it slow you will be amazed what you can accomplish.

Garment 201: PJ Pants

Are you ready to start making your own clothes? In this class you will learn how to read and follow a sewing pattern while making a pair of pajama pants. We will go over how to determine your size, simple adjustments, plus tips and tricks to make the process easier. If we?re feeling a bit extra, we might even add pockets! Prerequisite: Sewing 101 or equivalent experience.

Garment 210: Caftan Club

Welcome to Caftan Club! The only rules of Caftan Club are to be comfortable and look fabulous. Caftans are the perfect go to garment for warmer weather. You can simply throw one on and go about your day whether that includes a trip to the beach, the store, dinner out or even better, a night in with friends. Lightweight fabric helps keep you cool and offers some sun protection while the loose silhouette ensures you?re comfortable all day long. Choose from a variety of patterns, there?s one for every skill level and style. Go simple with a linen solid, take it up a step with some fun trim or go all out with a bold rayon print.

May 21
Garment 209: Skirts
May 24
Garment 301: Ilford Jacket
May 25
Knits 203: Adrienne Top