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PenBlade - Retractable Knives 3 Set


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With its intuitive, modern design, PenBlade is a durable and ergonomic knife that leads the way in precision and safety. this unique tool combines a stainless steel blade that retracts at the touch of a button with a patented trimming feature. Ideal for light to heavy weight projects, PenBlade offers the highest quality blades available so you get accurate, reliable performance with every cut.

3 Knives included in this set:

  • 10 Blade: Its curved cutting edge offers great control and makes it a perfect general purpose knife for all your craft, hobby, home, school and office needs, from heavy duty cutting to precise trimming.
  • 11 Blade: A classic fine point knife, the PenBlade No. 11 Blade is the precision cutting tool you rely on for detailed cuts.
  • 15 Blade: With its small curved cutting edge, the PenBlade No. 15 Blade is ideal for making small, precise cuts or trims.