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Sulky Makes Sewing With Fussy Fabrics Easy!!

21 Mar 2014

Have you ever wondered how you could make buttonholes and darts in sheet fabrics without going crazy? I did it this week and I'm sharing so you can do it, too!

Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

NL 6963
I used New Look #6963, View D with a View B collar.

Sulky Fabri-Solvy
After cutting out my pieces, I stuck the Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy where I thought I needed it most. The button placket, collar and darts. You can mark on Fabri-Solvy like paper or interfacing, which was handy for marking the darts. Then I loaded up my machine with all-purpose thread in the needle and Wooly Nylon thread in the bobbin, lowered my tension and off I went! I chose to do French Seams, so I didn’t have to use my serger once!

My Shirt
When I was done (including the buttonholes), I soaked the shirt in warm water for about 10 minutes, rinsed it and threw it in the dryer.

All done!

You’ll find the sheer stretch mesh I used for my shirt in lots of colors at our stores.

Tropical Knit
The Tropical Rayon Knit I used for the tank dress underneath is on our web site and at most of our stores. Sulky Fabri-Solvy Printable is on our web site and in our stores and comes in a pack of 12 sheets for $14.99.

~ Kelsey

Kelsey knits, sews, smiles and works at our SODO store when she’s not doing lots of other things!

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Preview of the 2014 Quilters Anonymous Show

14 Mar 2014

I had a chance to preview the 2014 Quilters Anonymous Show last night. Wow! The guild members work SO hard on this show and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! So, before I share some pictures with you, you MUST go! It’s well worth the drive to Monroe – there are 500 quilts calling your name and, of course, a totally awesome Pacific Fabrics booth.

Click on the pictures to see a larger image and come along with me!

Karen & Lisa
The Lovely Lisa Halter (right), Everett store team member is a QA Guild member and has been at the show since Tuesday helping with set up. Fortunately, she wasn’t too tired to give me a little tour that included her entries. Here she is with Karen, also from our Everett store, who will be ready to greet you at our booth all weekend.

Ombre Aloha

This is Lisa’s Ombre Aloha quilt. The pattern she used, Strip it Three Ways, calls for a 2-1/2” strip pack. The ombre strips had not arrived in our stores yet, so Lisa bought loads of ombres and cut her own strips. Then when Hoffman’s Tiles collection (at our stores) came in she knew she’d found just the right motif for her corners. Gorgeous!
bargello pantry

Yum - Lisa’s My Bargello Pantry wall hanging makes me hungry! She started with fabrics that represent things that she cans, then jams and jellies and finally things she cooks. The pattern is called Jelly Jars. Delish!



So fun! Wicker Basket Hot Pad from A to W is a kind of a version of the Folded Coasters pattern we all love. Easy and magical to do, Lisa has offered classes on this in the past, too. Why A to W? The “foodie” fabrics are arranged in rows from A to W – apples, apricots, bananas, corn – ending with W for the wicker basket print she used around the edge. Sew clever!
Metallic Dots

Lisa also showed me a quilt made by Gloria Young, who teaches kid’s sewing classes at our Northgate store. Love this! It’s called Metallic Polka Dots and the blocks were begun by another QA member who decided it just wasn’t her style. Gloria loved it, took over and entered it in the show so she knew she would have to finish it. (Sound familiar?) It’s very cheery and I think her “takeover” was a total success!

On my way out, two unique quilts caught my eye and I had to get a closer look. I have worked with Jeanette and Marlene Schurr on various quilt guild projects along the way and it was fun to see what they had created. A lot of my work is done via phone and email, so this was almost like meeting them in person!
wild garden

Jeanette’s Genetically Modified Wild Garden wall hanging is just stunning and the story is even more remarkable. The fantasy flowers were created using colored Sharpies and alcohol on fabric. I must try this! Then Jeanette added beading and embroidery for a marvelous finish. Don’t miss this one!


Marlene’s quilt will make you stop, smile and lean in for a closer look. Home is Where the Junk Mail and Fabric Scraps Are was created using . . . recycled junk mail, newspapers and fabric scraps to create a single block log cabin wall hanging. Love, love, love this idea!

As I mentioned, you’ll also find a fabulous Pacific Fabrics booth at the Quilters Anonymous Show - do stop by. We have LOADS of wonderful things to show you and it's an excellent way to spend your pre-St. Patrick's Day weekend!

Have fun!!!

~ Annette

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Sewing Expo 2014 - Set-Up Day Delights

27 Feb 2014

Oh, what fun we have setting up our Sewing & Stitchery Expo booth!
(Click on the pictures to see a larger image.)

Here's how it goes and a few of my favorite images from the day:

Crafty Chris and I picked up a few last minute things at the PacFab office, then arrived at the Puyallup Fairgrounds just in time for lunch. Here's Janissa and Chris doing their best to look pleased about having their picture taken while they're eating. Such good sports!

Set-up was already in full swing and our hard-working crew had all the fabric, notions, books and patterns ready to be put on the shelves, so we all dug in. I snapped a few pics along the way:

FQ Sodas
We have a lot of tasty little Shops in our super-size Pacific Fabrics Block. In the Bistro Shop, you'll find Fat Quarter Sodas!

Space Needle
Look for the Space Needle! It's right next to the Pacific Northwest Shop. 

You can't miss the Quilting Shop. Just follow the gorgeous quilts!

I found trees growing in the Forest Shop! Love, love, love this wall hanging!!!

And, if you've been following the saga of my Hedgehog Pincushion, you'll be thrilled to know she's found a friend. Don't they make a cute couple?

Down the block in the Fashion District . . . oh, my! We brought more fashion fabrics than ever before and the samples are incredible. This tunic is from Nancy Zieman's Monterey Knit Collection pattern. And you'll find an array of sweet, sweet dresses on display, too.

Marvelous jackets and one of many fabulous tops.

And, this year we brought Outerwear. Not just any Outerwear, though. Juicy Couture velour, Patagonia double face fabrics, Rainwear from Jones NY and more, more, more! We brought in Green Pepper and Great Copy jacket and vest patterns in fabulous designs, too.

photo wall
The products are amazing this year and it really is like strolling through a block of inspiring little shops, but, this is my favorite part. These pictures represent the heritage of our company and who we are today. We're a company that truly values being local and family owned. A company who values every person on our team and every guest who walks through our doors.

This wall and these people - this is who Pacific Fabrics is. We're not a big national chain and you won't find everyday sales and tons of coupons, but you will find quality products you can feel confident about using, skilled staff who care about you. It's why I love working here and it's why we call you our friends.

Welcome to our neighborhood - we can hardly wait to see you!

~ Annette


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Putting Together the Sewing Expo Booth

25 Feb 2014

So what does it take to put together a super-size booth at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo? Here's a peek:
Debbie with plan
First - a plan. Here's Debbie, our General Manger, with the layout for the booth. This gets drawn and re-drawn and re-drawn until we have it just right.

Fixtures 1
Two truckloads of fixtures! On their way down to the Fairgrounds Tuesday. And more coming down in our cars on Wednesday.

Fabric boxes
Boxes and boxes and BOXES of fabric!!!! These are called Gaylords and we borrow them from our friendly parent company downstairs, Pacific Iron & Metal. We carefully line them with plastic and stack bolts on end two high and as tight as we can get them in, so we can bring as much as possible, because -why do we all come to the Sewing Expo? FABRIC!!!!!

quilt stack
And samples to hang! Stacks of quilts . . .

clothing rack
Racks of clothing . . .

And more, more . . .

much, much MORE . . . !!!

I wish you could see it all much closer! Oh, wait - you can!!! Come to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo this weekend!!!!

See you there!

~ Annette

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Seahawks T-Shirt Pillow Upcycle

01 Feb 2014

finished pillow
So everyone in Seattle seems to have a t-shirt or two from this championship season! Make it a cozy part of your big game party day décor with this quick and easy pillow tutorial!

What You'll Need:

7/8 yard of snuggly Cuddle fabric

1 t-shirt

27" pillowform (If you want to make a different size, just adjust the pattern - when cutting the Cuddle, add one inch to the finished size of your pillow.)

3/8" wide Heat 'n Bond or Steam-a Seam fusible web

Thread, sewing machine, pins, mat, ruler, rotary cutter, iron
How to Make:

From your Cuddle, cut two 28" squares.

cutting t-shirt

Lay out your t-shirt, iron flat, and use your ruler to cut a 20" square with the design centered. 

add fusible

Put the square with the design face down and iron on strips of Heat 'n Bond about 1" from the edges.  

remove backing

Remove paper backing from Heat and Bond.

fold over

Fold the edge over the heat and bond and press in place.

When you reach the corner, fold over the corner in a triangle, then fold the next edge down.  Continue with all edges, ironing as you go. 

pin in place

Take one of your Cuddle pillow pieces and pin the t-shirt square in the center. 

Stitch about 1/8" from the edge all the way around, removing the pins as you go.
Put your two cuddle places right sides together and pin every couple inches.
Starting on the bottom edge about 4" away from the corner, stitch all the way around the pillow, leaving a 20" gap on the bottom for inserting your pillow.  Use a 1/2" seam allowance.

clip corners

Before you turn it right side out, clip off each corner, being sure not to clip through your stitching. 

pin closed

Turn right side out and stuff in your pillow.  Pin the bottom edge closed, turning in your 1/2" seam allowances as you go. Pin the long way.  

Use your machine to sew or handstitch closed.

Angie loves it 
Let your favorite fan cuddle with the pillow!!

~Anna-Beth, Northgate Store Manager

P.S. This is #12 in our series of 12 Free Projects for the Seahawk 12s originally posted as a 12 day countdown to the 2014 Superbowl. We thought you'd enjoy using these projects to show your support for your fave teams all year, too! Click here to view all 12 projects.

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