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Adventures With Amy Butler's Stencil Book

09 May 2014

We hold a Team Meeting every month with all of our Managers & Assistant Managers and one of the highlights is the Make 'n Take Crafty Chris does for us each month. It's always a project based on the Free Creative U Seminar she is presenting, so we all get to join in and learn one of the fun things she will be demonstrating that month.

In preparation for the May Fabric By Design Seminars, we got to play with stencils from the Amy Butler Stencil book and we had SO much fun!!! Be sure to mark your calendars for one of the seminars this month, you will learn a ton.

Here's a little taste from our adventure:

Christina choosing

First we chose one of the 10 stencils from Amy's book. Christina, Everett Assistant Manager, took this very seriously. LOL

Audrey positioning

Then we laid our stencil on the pre-cut canvas Chris gave us. That's Audrey, our Bremerton Manager showing you how it's done. After positioning, we taped it to the fabric so that it didn't slide around while we were stenciling.

Martha Stewart sponge

Next step was choosing a sponge to work with. Chris highly recommends the Martha Stewart sponge set we carry and after working with them, so do I! This one is big and smooshy (I think that's the technical term Chris used) and makes the job go faster. And I'm kind of all about faster!

half done

When you're stenciliing, you don't want much paint on your sponge. The technique was dip, sponge off on paper plate, then stencil. Chris will have the whole scoop for you at the Creative U Seminars. (And, as you can see, they let us eat cake when we were done. In fact, it was SODO Manager Janet's banana cake - an excellent incentive!)

janice reveal
And, when we were done, it was time for the BIG reveal. As you can see, Janice, Bellevue Assistant Manager wasted no time getting to that cake. Obviously a VERY wise woman! After all, what is crafting without cake!!!

proud team

We were SO proud that a bunch of posed with our finished artwork. Left to right sitting: Christina & Pat (Everett), Janet & Karen (SODO). Left to right standing: Me (Annette), Meagan (office), Audrey (Bremerton). A couple more . . .
Eileen ferns

Eileen, our Inventory Management Queen with her lovely ferns.

Ellen's shading

And, this one with the awesome shading done by Ellen from Bremerton.

I just love this!! Crafting with friends is SO much more fun than crafting alone. And the stenciling is something ANYONE can do. Do I hear a party being planned??? I think so!

Come to Creative U. EVERY month, Chris has wonderful things to show you, demonstrate and teach you. It's really should be a must and you can bring as many friends as you like! Click here for the May dates and times, then watch your email, printed Class Catalog and our Events page so you don't miss out ever!

Craft with Joy!

~ Annette

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Twelve Days of Tula Pink - Day 12 WINNER!

08 May 2014

Day 12 winner
And the winner of the Day 12 Autographed Tula Pink
Fox Field Scribbles Shade Fat Quarter & Tula Pink's City Sampler - 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book and an autographed bookplate is . . . . . .

Rebecca Letwin!!!!

Rebecca commented on our Day 12 Tula Pink Giveaway Blog Post "I saw this at Crafty Chris's presentation and fell in love with it!!!! Would love to have it in my craft area for inspiration ;-)" Well here you go, Rebecca - now you can!! Please send an email to and let me know if you would like to pick up your Book and Fat Quarter at one of our stores or if you would like it mailed to you and we'll get it on its way!

Tula Pink

And, so our Twelve Days of Tula Pink Inspiration & Giveaways comes to an end. It's been fun hasn't it? So, tell me - what would you like to see next in a series? We don't really want to stop! :-)

Thanks for "playing" and for all your lovely comments and support - I've enjoyed getting to know you!

~ Annette

P.S. The "Crafty Chris Presentation" that Rebecca mentioned takes place each month at each of our stores AND we'll be adding an online blog post version each month SOON. It's tons of fun, FREE and called Creative U. If you'd like to find out dates, times, topics and more, visit our Events Page. And then come!

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Twelve Days of Tula Pink - Day 11 WINNER!

07 May 2014

And the winner of the Autographed Day 11 Tula Pink Acacia Pixel Dot Honey Fat Quarter & Tula's first book Quilts From the House of Tula Pink and an autographed bookplate is . . . . . .

Jennifer Hess!!!!

Jennifer has faithfully commented on our Tula Pink Giveaway Posts EVERY DAY and I am thrilled that her diligence finally paid off! A big HUGE congratulations to you, Jennifer. It's been fun meeting you through your comments! Please send an email to and let me know if you would like to pick up your wonderful prize at one of our stores or if you would like it mailed to you.

house of tula book

We'll leave the entries for Day 12 (autographed fat quarter and Tula's 100 Modern Blocks book with autographed bookplate) open until 4:00 pm PST today. You can comment on the Day 12 blog post or on our Day 12 Facebook post to enter, but hurry!!!

~ Annette

P.S. Jennifer's comments have been SO thoughtful and enthusiastic, I thought you'd enjoy reading a few:

Day 1 - "I will be making this quilt soon, am currently taking a workshop that is a mystery quilt and Tula Pink pops in to help out if we need it! I am loving her fabrics. I just recently found out about her before expo."

Day 2 - "Love the pillow, I didn't see this one, and I love her Coastal design! Boy you all are giving me so many great ideas! Thanks for all the Tula Pink patterns and info along with the chance to win some of her great fabric!"

Day 6 - "Love it! I hope Tula Pink comes back for next years expo! This year was amazing!"

Day 11 - "I hope I win one been posting everyday!" AND she did!!!

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Tag Blankee Tutorial

07 May 2014

All Finished Tag Blankee

My husband and I picked the name Sawyer for a boy baby - but had only girls!  An old friend of his had a baby boy and decided that he liked our name idea and in March, little Sawyer Maynard was born!  I made him one of these quick little baby toys, one of my favorite little baby gifties, and thought I would share it with you. It's so fun for using all of the FABULOUS ribbons we have that I always want to buy and don't have a purpose for but stash.

Ingredients for a tag blankie

You'll need: 

25-35 1/8yd pieces of fun ribbons and other trims. Washability is important, but it's also important to vary textures, colors, widths. I love to mix in a few velvet ribbons, sturdy laces and sheers.

Two contrasting minkee fabrics (aka Cuddle) about 12". 



Ruler, rotary cutter and mat or scissors and tape measure

Sewing machine


Optional but highly recommended: A sturdy plastic bag - the kind of crackly, solid bag that some stores give out and sometimes gift bags are made of. (mine came from a dentist!) These are great for adding an auditory component. Babies just love that crackling sound!

Put it together!

Buncha Ribbons

Treat all the cut ends of your ribbons and trims with Fraycheck. This will help the trims last through lots of washing and tugging!

Cut squares of minkee

Cut two 10" squares of minkee, and one 10" square from your gift bag, if adding the crackle component.

Pinning on the trims

Take one square of minkee and start pinning trims on about 5/8" away from the edge. Fold trims so wrong sides are together. Space them evenly about an inch apart, with raw edges towards the edge of the minkee square, folds towards the center.

Pinned all around

Continue all the way around the square, always leaving the first and last 5/8" bare for seam allowance.  Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew around the edge, anchoring down all the ribbons and removing all the pins.

Leaving a gap for turning

Put the other square of minkee face down on the one you've sewn your ribbons to, so right sides are together and ribbons are inside. If using the crackly bag, layer that on the outside. Pin liberally, as minkee fabrics have a nap and LOVE to slide out of place. Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew all around, leaving a 3" gap on one edge for turning. 

Clipped corner

Clip off  your corners up to your stitching, but not cutting through. Turn right side out.  Give each of the ribbons a little tug and use a chopstick or point turner to make sure your corners are neat and square.

Turn under the edges

Turn the edges of your gap under 1/2" and pin closed. Topstitch all the way around 1/4" from the edge.


- Anna-Beth

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Twelve Days of Tula Pink - Last Day Giveaway

06 May 2014

Our Day 12/Last Day Giveaway is AMAZING! To enter, comment below OR on our Day 12 Facebook post or check the bottom of this post for other ways to enter. Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

A-B with top

Just before the 2014 Sewing & Stitchery Expo in February, Anna-Beth, our Northgate store manager, walked into the office with something fabulous tucked under her arm. This is NOT unusual for Anna-Beth as she is an extremely talented, extraordinarily creative person, but this one was very Tula-tastic!

Finished A-B quilt

Even before it was quilted, Anna-Beth's 100 Modern Blocks Quilt was stunning, but even more incredible when it was done!!!

Tula with A-B quilt

We proudly hung it in our Sew Expo booth and when Tula Pink arrived to do a book signing at the booth, Anna-Beth wisely had her quilt signed, too.

Modern Blocks at show

Tula Pink's City Sampler - 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book was SUCH a hit at the Sew Expo that we sold out VERY quickly. Who would have known, we were sure we had enough, but obviously underestimated the Power of Pink! (Estimating how much to order is a little "game" we play in retail and . . . try as we might, sometimes we "guess" wrong. Sigh!)

Tula bookplate

Once the books were gone, we asked Tula to sign "bookplate" stickers, pre-sold books and mailed them with no shipping charge when we got back home. AND, we wisely had Tula sign a few extra, too!

Scribbles Shade FQ

So, today's giveaway is an Autographed Tula Pink Fat Quarter in Fox Field Scribbles Shade AND a copy of Tula Pink's City Sampler - 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book including an autographed bookplate!!! It may be the last day, but it's a very GREAT day to "play the game"!

Easy Piecing

This is a totally fabulous book and EVERY quilter should have one, but, here's my endorsement as a non-quilter. I LOVE this book!!! It's bright, fresh, inspiring, well-organized by block, simple to follow, enthusiastic, versatile, inspiring (yes, I meant to say that twice!) and MORE! I bought a copy, love pouring over the blocks and plan to use them on tote bags, the back of jackets, in smaller versions as a hem around a top, for a fun pocket, pillows and . . . the ideas just keep rolling out. I know ALL of you will love it, too - quilter or not!

Modern Blocks book blocks

One of the cool things Tula shared with us is that she is very much a Modernitional quilter. (A term coined by American Patchwork & Quilting magazine in an article about Tula's style and studio last October.) Tula grew up with a quilting mom, but sees things a little brighter and with a fresh twist. Most of her blocks and quilts are created with VERY traditional piecing and it's the way she puts them together, the colors she uses and her bright, delightful outlook on life and nature that sets them apart. I LOVE it that we can do this, too! Thumb through a book, Tula makes it easy and you'll see what I mean.

scribbles autograph

Okay, time to enter our drawing! Comment below on this blog post, OR on our Day 12 Facebook post OR re-pin the Day 12 post on our Tula Pink Pinterest Board OR re-tweet our Day 12 Twitter tweet. Easy-peasy!

We've REALLY enjoyed our Twelve Days of Tula journey and hope you have, too. It's all about the joy of making, celebrating our individual creativities and sharing together. That's what we love at Pacific Fabrics and most of all we love sharing it with YOU!

Happy Entering and May The Tula Be With You!!!

~ Annette

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