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Sewing Expo 2014 - Set-Up Day Delights

27 Feb 2014

Oh, what fun we have setting up our Sewing & Stitchery Expo booth!
(Click on the pictures to see a larger image.)

Here's how it goes and a few of my favorite images from the day:

Crafty Chris and I picked up a few last minute things at the PacFab office, then arrived at the Puyallup Fairgrounds just in time for lunch. Here's Janissa and Chris doing their best to look pleased about having their picture taken while they're eating. Such good sports!

Set-up was already in full swing and our hard-working crew had all the fabric, notions, books and patterns ready to be put on the shelves, so we all dug in. I snapped a few pics along the way:

FQ Sodas
We have a lot of tasty little Shops in our super-size Pacific Fabrics Block. In the Bistro Shop, you'll find Fat Quarter Sodas!

Space Needle
Look for the Space Needle! It's right next to the Pacific Northwest Shop. 

You can't miss the Quilting Shop. Just follow the gorgeous quilts!

I found trees growing in the Forest Shop! Love, love, love this wall hanging!!!

And, if you've been following the saga of my Hedgehog Pincushion, you'll be thrilled to know she's found a friend. Don't they make a cute couple?

Down the block in the Fashion District . . . oh, my! We brought more fashion fabrics than ever before and the samples are incredible. This tunic is from Nancy Zieman's Monterey Knit Collection pattern. And you'll find an array of sweet, sweet dresses on display, too.

Marvelous jackets and one of many fabulous tops.

And, this year we brought Outerwear. Not just any Outerwear, though. Juicy Couture velour, Patagonia double face fabrics, Rainwear from Jones NY and more, more, more! We brought in Green Pepper and Great Copy jacket and vest patterns in fabulous designs, too.

photo wall
The products are amazing this year and it really is like strolling through a block of inspiring little shops, but, this is my favorite part. These pictures represent the heritage of our company and who we are today. We're a company that truly values being local and family owned. A company who values every person on our team and every guest who walks through our doors.

This wall and these people - this is who Pacific Fabrics is. We're not a big national chain and you won't find everyday sales and tons of coupons, but you will find quality products you can feel confident about using, skilled staff who care about you. It's why I love working here and it's why we call you our friends.

Welcome to our neighborhood - we can hardly wait to see you!

~ Annette


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Putting Together the Sewing Expo Booth

25 Feb 2014

So what does it take to put together a super-size booth at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo? Here's a peek:
Debbie with plan
First - a plan. Here's Debbie, our General Manger, with the layout for the booth. This gets drawn and re-drawn and re-drawn until we have it just right.

Fixtures 1
Two truckloads of fixtures! On their way down to the Fairgrounds Tuesday. And more coming down in our cars on Wednesday.

Fabric boxes
Boxes and boxes and BOXES of fabric!!!! These are called Gaylords and we borrow them from our friendly parent company downstairs, Pacific Iron & Metal. We carefully line them with plastic and stack bolts on end two high and as tight as we can get them in, so we can bring as much as possible, because -why do we all come to the Sewing Expo? FABRIC!!!!!

quilt stack
And samples to hang! Stacks of quilts . . .

clothing rack
Racks of clothing . . .

And more, more . . .

much, much MORE . . . !!!

I wish you could see it all much closer! Oh, wait - you can!!! Come to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo this weekend!!!!

See you there!

~ Annette

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Seahawks T-Shirt Pillow Upcycle

01 Feb 2014

finished pillow
So everyone in Seattle seems to have a t-shirt or two from this championship season! Make it a cozy part of your big game party day décor with this quick and easy pillow tutorial!

What You'll Need:

7/8 yard of snuggly Cuddle fabric

1 t-shirt

27" pillowform (If you want to make a different size, just adjust the pattern - when cutting the Cuddle, add one inch to the finished size of your pillow.)

3/8" wide Heat 'n Bond or Steam-a Seam fusible web

Thread, sewing machine, pins, mat, ruler, rotary cutter, iron
How to Make:

From your Cuddle, cut two 28" squares.

cutting t-shirt

Lay out your t-shirt, iron flat, and use your ruler to cut a 20" square with the design centered. 

add fusible

Put the square with the design face down and iron on strips of Heat 'n Bond about 1" from the edges.  

remove backing

Remove paper backing from Heat and Bond.

fold over

Fold the edge over the heat and bond and press in place.

When you reach the corner, fold over the corner in a triangle, then fold the next edge down.  Continue with all edges, ironing as you go. 

pin in place

Take one of your Cuddle pillow pieces and pin the t-shirt square in the center. 

Stitch about 1/8" from the edge all the way around, removing the pins as you go.
Put your two cuddle places right sides together and pin every couple inches.
Starting on the bottom edge about 4" away from the corner, stitch all the way around the pillow, leaving a 20" gap on the bottom for inserting your pillow.  Use a 1/2" seam allowance.

clip corners

Before you turn it right side out, clip off each corner, being sure not to clip through your stitching. 

pin closed

Turn right side out and stuff in your pillow.  Pin the bottom edge closed, turning in your 1/2" seam allowances as you go. Pin the long way.  

Use your machine to sew or handstitch closed.

Angie loves it 
Let your favorite fan cuddle with the pillow!!

~Anna-Beth, Northgate Store Manager

P.S. This is #12 in our series of 12 Free Projects for the Seahawk 12s originally posted as a 12 day countdown to the 2014 Superbowl. We thought you'd enjoy using these projects to show your support for your fave teams all year, too! Click here to view all 12 projects.

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Phoofy Pom Poms for Seahawk Fans

01 Feb 2014

Kelsey & poms
Once you've made your Cheer Apron, Pom Poms will be needed, of course! Click on the pictures to see larger images.

What You'll Need:

-gray tulle, 2.5 yards*, cut in half lengthwse

-navy tulle, 2.5 yards*, also cut in half lengthwise

-one inch "action green" ribbon, 3 yards, cut in half

-assorted bling of your choosing (I used 1/2 yard silver lamé cut into 1/2" by 18" strips, 1/2 yard of navy sequined fabric cut into 1/2" by 18" strips, 5 yards of green rick rack cut into 18"  strips, and 3 yards of green polka dot ribbon cut into 18" strips).

*If I had to do it over again, I would have used 5 yards each of gray and navy tulle for greater phoof.

How to Make:

layout strips

Prepare your bling. Separate the strips into 4 piles. 

layout tulle

Lay out one of the tulle panels on the table and begin to scrunch it down the middle. Every few inches or so, add in a strip of bling and continue scrunching.

Continue until the entire length has been scrunched.

green ribbon

Take one length of your 1" wide green ribbon and tie it as firmly as you can around the center of the bundle. Set aside.

blue tulle

Repeat with a panel of the navy tulle.


Lay the second bundle across the first bundle so they are perpendicular to each other. 

tie green

Tie the tails of the green ribbon from the first bundle around the second bundle as tightly as you can, so they're stacked and tied firmly together.

green bow

Tie the tails of the green ribbon in a snug bow with long-ish loops (around 5"). I recommend double-knotting it.

Now, trim your pom pom. I find it works best if you lay the pom pom on the table, mash it down with your non-dominant hand, and cut off the excess. The shorter you cut your pom pom, the less floppy it will be, but make sure not to cut it too short, or it won't turn out ball-shaped.

pom pom trimming
Finally give your pom pom a good fluff and trim any loose bits. Wave your pom pom by gripping the loops of the bow and shout GO HAWKS!!!

~ Kelsey, SODO Store Team Member and Head Pom Pom Girl

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Sweet Baby Hawk Tu-Tu for Seahawk Fans

31 Jan 2014

baby hawk
Make your baby a Hawk Star with a terrific, twirly, tu-tu for the half-time show! Click on the pictures to see larger images.

You will need:


Tulle of your choice - a total of 6 yards
(if using 3 colors as shown, 2 yards of each)
(For a thinner tutu, you can use a total of 3 yards instead of 6)

1 stretchy headband

Ribbon (optional)

Rotary cutter and mat (scissors will work as well)

Crochet hook (optional)

How to Make:

cut strips

Out of 54" tulle, cut 3 inch by width of fabric strips, and then cut them in half at fold line. You should end up with a total of about  70 27” strips. Pieces may not look perfect, that is fine, you can use scissors to trim them down to look more even if you want.

layer from bottom
When constructing, start from the bottom up, working by color (for example, my bottom is grey, middle is blue and top is green). It may look limp at the beginning. Don't worry, your tutu will get more and more full as you go.

Stretch headband apart to be able to see holes, fold a strip of tulle in half and thread fold through first hole from the inside.

This is when a large crochet hook is super handy – use it to pull the loop through and save your fingertips!

make loop
Pull tulle through just enough to make a loop.

through loop
Then thread ends of tulle through this loop and pull tight.

every hole
Repeat this for every hole in headband all the way around for each color. If making thinner tutu with 3 yards, do every other hole.

After first row is complete, make a second row of the same color above it for a total of two rows per color. When threading middle rows, thread from the front, hooking back towards you to make your loop. For a thinner tutu, only make 1 row of each color, skipping 1 row between each.

more rows

Continue making rows this way until all holes are threaded and tutu is complete!

Once your tutu is complete, you have the option of adding ribbon, using the same process of threading to attach. Example is shown in my tutu with blue ribbon.

~ Nickie, Northgate Store Team Member & Queen of TuTus!!!                     

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