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Dorm Essentials for Student Survival

Posted by Debbie Torgerson on Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Thinking about that first week at college, fond memories come flooding back. Making new friends, decorating the dorm room, going to new classes, living away from home for the first time. And then it hits . . . "OMG! Mom's not here and I don't know how I'll ever survive!!!"

Dorm Essentials

Whether your precious one has already left or the packing is still in top gear, these wonderful essentials will help keep the panic button quiet and give the new "grown-up" confidence that they can make it and Mom and Dad still care.

We've picked some "so-glad-I've got-this" mini-things to tuck away in a backpack along with "absolute-must-haves" that no dorm room should be without. And by the way, you may find you need these for your personal "survival" kit, too.

Click here to download a PDF shopping guide, make your kit list, take it to the store with you and enjoy!



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