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Tuesday Tip - How to Use Heat Resistant Batting

Posted by Debbie Torgerson on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Man'z Domain pattern

We've had warm weather in our area this week and it makes me think of BBQ and outdoor cooking on the grill! So, using the Man'z Domain pattern, I decided to make my hubby a new BBQ Apron and a couple of matching Mitts for Father's Day. We have really cool food and drink fabrics to use and since it's getting close (June 19th), they'll be quick to make!

Bosal Poly-Therm Fleece

I always use Bosal's heat reflective/resistant fleece batting, Poly-Therm, in my pot holders and mitts. You'll find this at all our stores. It really helps to prevent scorched hands while you're cooking!

Poly-Therm Layering Sandwich

Tip: Remember to put the silver (metallic) side of the batting (see my 'sandwich' above) towards the heat source. On a pot holder, you would put the silver side against the wrong side of the fabric you are using to line the palm of the pot holder or mitt. That way the metallic side is facing out towards the heat source when you use the pot holder and it is sandwiched in between. I also like to add a layer of cotton batting on top of the Poly-Therm. It makes pot holders and mitts really comfy to use!

Poly-Therm is also a great batting to use as lining in lunch bags and market totes to keep food cool. Maybe Dad needs a new lunch bag, too?!

~ Crafty Chris of Creative U

Category: Sewing


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